Supervisor School Curriculum

Our popular 40 hour, one week course introduces newly promoted, mid-career law enforcement professionals to successful techniques of managing a staff.  The curriculum is based on our award-winning Supervisory Leadership Training (SLT) but tailors it to the specific challenges facing law enforcement professionals.  

This class is known for its highly engaging content and relevant discussion topics that give law enforcement supervisors real-life examples and techniques to successfully manage a team.

Topics Covered

Participants gain valuable and practical insights to put to use immediately.  Smaller class sizes allow a robust discussion with other law enforcement supervisors and fosters learning not just from the instructor but from one another. 

Topics Include:

  • Making the transition from peer to supervisor
  • Human resources policies
  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Followership and team building
  • Organizational dynamics and change
  • Styles of leadership
  • Media relations
  • Decision-making
  • How to have difficult conversations and resolving conflict
  • Performance management
  • Generations in the workplace

Mentoring and Development

In addition, participants will be guided through a personal assessment that allows them to:

  • Understand their motivations
  • How their motivations change in conflict
  • How to motivate team members by appealing to their motivations
  • How to use that understanding to better manage conflict 

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