SLT Curriculum

This popular 3-day training pairs cutting edge research with best practices in leadership and management to equip managers to manage effectively, improve team performance, and ultimately retain employees.  

    Topics Covered

    Participants gain valuable and practical insights to put to use immediately.  Smaller class sizes allow a robust discussion with other public service supervisors and fosters learning not just from the instructor but from one another. 

    Topics Include:

    • Coaching and Motivation
    • Delegation
    • Managing Conflict
    • Leading Diverse Teams
    • Leadership Styles
    • Performance Management and Evaluation
    • Transitions and Changes
    • Human Resources Policies for Supervisors
    • Managing Up
    • Customer Service in the Public Sector 

    Mentoring and Development

    In addition, participants will be guided through a personal assessment that allows them to:

    • Understand their motivations
    • How their motivations change in conflict
    • How to motivate team members by appealing to their motivations
    • How to use that understanding to better manage conflict 

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    Kate Nygren, SLT Program Manager

    Alex Terwilliger, Associate Director