Certified Public Manager with Distinction

CPM with Distinction

The Heartland Certified Public ManagerĀ® (CPM) Program represents a commitment to lifelong learning. To encourage Certified Public Managers to continue their professional development, CPM with Distinction was established to recognize graduates who continue to develop themselves through professional development opportunities and make significant contributions to the advancement of public services via teaching, writing articles, mentoring/advising on projects, joining professional development organizations, and taking additional management/leadership-related training.

Every three years the PMC asks CPM alumni to list the things they have done in the previous three years to develop themselves and contribute to the advancement of public management.

Alumni who have invested 40 hours or more every three years will be designated Certified Public Managers with Distinction.  They will receive a certificate suitable for framing, recognizing their achievements of actively continuing their professional development and contributing to public management.

2024 is a year of distinction! Submit your documentation here or below for all relevant education and service to be recognized as a Certified Public Manager of Distinction. The period for your documentation is January 2021 through January 2024. Please submit your documentation by November 1, 2024 to be recognized this year.

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