Sometimes training your whole team is more effective than sending a few individuals to a course.  We understand, so let us come to you!

From team building, to improving communication, navigating through change, creating high performing organizations, or other challenges unique to your organization, we can provide half-day or full-day trainings to your in-tact team.

Please contact Marilu Goodyear at for pricing, scheduling, and details. 

Creating a Culture of High Performance

Executive level managers explore leadership strategies to create an organizational culture that inspires and enables employees to excel.  

Navigating and Leading Through Change

The workplace has changed dramatically since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This workshop explores stages of change, how to assess employees' readiness for change, and strategies to overcome resistance to change and emerge a better organization for having managed it. 

Better Communication, Better Results

Learn how unconscious bias and life experience shape our communication habits.  Determine how to lessen the impact of miscommunication, and ways to assume a coworkers are operating from a position of their "best intent" to increase clear communication between team members. 

The Power of Teams - Assessments and Tools 

Some of our most popular workshops, we use assessments to explain attributes that effect workplace behavior.  We use Clifton Strengths, StrengthsFinder, or Emergenetics to shed light on team members and group dynamics to strengthen and develop strong teams.  

Employee Engagement

Mistrust, conflict, and leadership voids can all contribute to checked out employees.  Learn how to lead by multiplying staff strengths. Explore strategies to shift toward action sthat allow staff to perform and managers to lead.  

Law Enforcement & Community Relations

Explore the history of policing practices and their lasting effects on our communities.  Discuss changes local police departments can make to increase the legitimacy of their departments.