Introduction to Supervision Curriculum

This course gives an overview of supervisory topics tailored to law enforcement professionals.  While it was created with newly promoted supervisors in mind, it is also great for those looking into promotions, and seasoned supervisors who haven't had an updated supervisory class in a while.  

    Topics Covered

    Participants gain valuable and practical insights to put to use immediately.  Smaller class sizes allow a robust discussion with other public service supervisors and fosters learning not just from the instructor but from one another. 

    Topics Include:

    • Making a successful transition from peer to boss
    • Decision making
    • Difficult conversations and resolving conflict
    • The difference between leadership and authority (and why it matters)
    • Performance reviews
    • Each participant will leave with an individual action plan to continue their development as leaders who will contribute to the success of their agencies 

    Mentoring and Development

    In addition, participants will explore the connection between personal strengths and leadership competencies and will hear from experienced leaders about motivating and leading others in today's law enforcement environment.

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