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Supervisory Leadership Training

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3-Day Supervisory Leadership Training for the Public Workforce

Individuals sometimes receive training when they first move into a supervisory role, but over time their role evolves, the workforce changes, and new research on effective management practices emerges.

This course is designed to give participants enhanced skills and new strategies to manage staff effectively whether they're new to a supervisory role or have held those responsibilities for years.

About the Supervisory Leadership Training Program (SLT)

SLT ClassroomGallup's comprehensive workforce study found that 75% of people left their positions to "get away from their manager" at some point in their career.  That study took place 7 years ago, before the pandemic, remote work, and Zoom were commonplace!  

Another study by Zenger, for the Harvard Business Review (Dec. 2021) cited that the average age of a person getting promoted to a supervisory role is 33, and the average age of a supervisory training participant is 42.  That means people go an average of 9 years working for a manager not equipped to supervise staff.  

While "The Great Resignation" has added a new dynamic, a study conducted by Route 50 in 2022 found that 52% of employees who resigned said their manager could have prevented them from leaving.  Managers who have conversations with their employees can often find solutions to keep employees.  In short, good managers are the key to retention even in these changing and turbulent times. 

SLT is an award-winning practical, engaging, and relevant training for new and seasoned supervisors.  Classes are comprised of other supervisors working in the public sector and facing similar challenges.  

You will gain new skills and strategies to put to use immediately and help you manage effectively.

Time Commitment

SLT is a 3-day class that meets from 9:00-4:00.  Online sections take into account Zoom fatigue and adhere to a slightly different schedule over the 3-days.  SLT is offered four times a year, generally once per quarter.  

Investing in SLT

Participants are taken through a personal assessment to understand their leadership and communication style and how they approach their team.  They learn tools to manage conflict and build a cohesive and transparent workplace that values all members.


The cost for the 3-day SLT Training is $750 per person. 

The fee covers tuition and materials.  Most commonly, agencies sponsor their employee's participation. Sponsoring agencies are billed by the PMC once classes have started.

I thought the SDI assessment was amazing.  Very impressive on how accurate the results were.  Thanks so much, I learned a lot of great techniques. - December 2020 participant

Learning tips on how to manage remotely was a topic that directly relates to me.  Although Zoom is a tough format, the instructors were outstanding! - May, 2022 Online participant

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