ELA Curriculum

The ELA curriculum uses a relationship-based model to explore topics that are crucial to successful leadership in the 21st century.  The content is research-based, but practitioner-oriented and class time is spent exploring how the ideas and skills translate across work domains. 

    Topics Covered

    Participants gain valuable and practical insights to put to use immediately and for long-term career success.

    Topics Include:

    • The Neuroscience of Leadership
    • Values, Politics, and Administration
    • Strengths-Based Leadership
    • Listening and Acknowledgement
    • Foundations in Equity and Inclusion
    • Navigating and Leading through Change
    • Communicating and Managing Up
    • Introduction to Public Budgeting
    • Adaptive Challenges
    • Reaching Out for Mentoring

    Mentoring and Development

    In addition, participants will be guided through:

    • Developing a skills and competencies portfolio
    • Shadowing a mentor
    • Creating an individual development plan
    • Introduction to the coaching model with a speed coaching session

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    Kate Nygren, Program Manager

    Jessica Franz, Project Coordinator