The ELA curriculum is designed to help participants increase their effectiveness as public servants and build skills to prepare for leadership positions. Our goal is to offer tools that can be used immediately and that will remain relevant over time. Instructors engage participants in discussions of the competencies they need to succeed in their workplaces today and in the future and respond by making adjustments to the content as necessary. Curriculum topic areas include:

  • Effective Communication for Leaders
  • Reaching Out for Mentoring
  • Dynamics of Conflict
  • Ethics
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Introduction to Budgeting in Public Organizations
  • Networking Skills
  • Shaping Organizational Culture/Understanding Organizational Change
  • StrengthsFinder: Understanding Your Strengths & Putting Them to Work
  • The Future of the Public Sector

In addition, participants will be guided through:

  • Developing a skills and competencies portfolio,
  • Shadowing a mentor, and
  • Creating an individual development plan.

We continue to hear from past ELA participants that these components have been invaluable in helping them identify ways they can better contribute to their organizations while also planning for their own career development.

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