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Sharing Fortitude

Building courage to lead together. Join us for a day of learning, sharing, and networking as we discuss courage, emotional labor, and women's representation in leadership in the public sector. Details and schedule information are below.

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Marney Babbit Pierce

Keynote by Marney Babbitt-Pierce M.Ed., CDTLF

The most significant finding from Brené’s latest research is that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable, and observable. The Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage building skills through workshops, to help individuals, teams, and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership.

About Dare to Lead

Schedule Details for IWPA 2023
8:30-8:45WelcomeEmcee's - Raquel Ordonez & Sara Taliaferro
8:45-10:45Keynote: Dare to Lead.  Building the Four Pillars of CourageMarney Babbitt-Pierce, M.Ed, and a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator
11:00-11:30Emotional Labor and Employee Outcomes. Do Expectations of Emotional Labor in the Workplace Burden Women to a Greater Extent?  SPAA Assistant Professor, Dr. Nicole Humphrey
11:30-noonGrab Your Lunch In the HallwayCatered by Grandma's Catering
noon-1:00Emotional Labor:  A Panel DiscussionModerator:  Dr. Nicole Humphrey
1:15-2:30Milestones and Mishpas on the Road to Leadership Gender EquitySPAA Professor, Dr. Heather Getha-Taylor
2:45-3:15Continuing the Conversation with RefreshmentsReflections on the Day's Information and Commitment to Continue the Work (a standing meeting)
3:15-3:30Conference Wrap-Up 

Session Details and Speaker Bios

Marney Babbitt-Pierce

Dare to Lead. Building the Four Pillars of Courage

This workshop is designed to teach you the research-based skill sets of courage that will turn you into a braver, more daring leader. Based on the grounded theory research of Dr. Brené Brown, this Dare to Lead™ course is an interactive leadership workshop like you have never experienced before.

You will come away with powerful new language, operationalized values, and practical tools and frameworks that will help you lead in the new world of work. Attendees will learn the research behind Dare to Lead™ and applications to catalyze a movement of courage, trust and resiliency within one's personal life, workplace and community.
Dr. Nicole Humphrey

Emotional Labor. Do Women Carry this Burden in the Workplace?

Dealing with the emotional components of work is essential to developing and maintaining an effective workforce. Expectations of emotional labor can often burden women to a greater extent. This session will explore the challenges of emotional labor at work, as well as discuss opportunities to minimize burnout. We will also hear from professionals who will share their experiences with emotional labor at work.
Dr. Heather Getha-Taylor

Milestones and Mishaps on the Road to Leadership Gender Equity

Despite women’s gains in state and federal government, their leadership representation at the local government level remains stubbornly unequal. This presentation considers both the individual and systemic forces that are driving - and stalling - progress on the road to equity. This session offers opportunities for discussion, reflection, and action to advance leadership gender equity in both the short and long term.
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Check-In 8.22.23.Noon-1:00 pm

Unique to this conference, join us as we check in with one another and continue the conference energy. Do you have more reflections? Have you implemented anything we talked about? Are you building courage? Are you daring to lead? This is a casual conversation about the conference and how you've carried it forward in your work or life. Even if you just want to say hello to a person you met, grab a bite to eat and join us on the call. The link will be part of your registration.