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Watchfulness is Key to Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector: Striking a Balance Between Efficiency and Responsibility

Artificial intelligence (AI) updates have entered our daily media streams and discussions. But variations of AI have been part of our lives for decades. Think about autocorrect for word processing, GPS, and automated customer service. AI systems make life easier, but the big question is what…

The Power of Professional Development on Career Progression

Most of the time, our work responsibilities are tracked like a checklist: this is what is required, that requirement has been met, check it off the list. There is a degree of satisfaction in that kind of accomplishment. As the public sector grows and adjusts to the needs of contemporary communities…

It’s Time to Hand the Work Back

For months—and far longer in some cases—managers have been stepping in to cover the duties of multiple roles to ensure that the crucial work gets done. Even as staffing levels start to stabilize in county governments, the scramble to just stay above water means that many individuals have not had…

Resonant v. Dissonant Leadership

Anyone who has attended a middle school band concert knows the difference between resonance and dissonance. Dissonance is that disagreeable combination of sounds that’s often prominent at the fall concert when the kids are still learning how to tune their instruments accurately and hit the right…

Finding and Keeping Talent

Regardless of the location of a community or organization, its size, or the department or position that needs to be filled, local governments are all concerned about their ability to attract and retain quality employees. 

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