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KUPMC Emerging Leaders Academy Graduation 2013

Graduates of the Academy

The Emerging Leaders Academy is a talent management program targeted to promising, non-supervisory/non-managerial staff to help them prepare for leadership roles in their departments and organizations. ELA participants gain knowledge and skills in leadership, organizational dynamics, communication, and career planning to help them identify and achieve their professional goals while equipping them with tools to make even stronger contributions to their organizations.

Agencies who invest in sending staff to ELA gain a more prepared and engaged talent pool to draw from for the future, a critical need as many leaders in public service organizations move toward retirement. We offer ELA twice each year, with one session in the spring and one in the fall. Classes are offered in Topeka and the Kansas City area.

Why ELA?

Developed by practitioners for practitioners, the Emerging Leaders Academy is more than just a series of professional development classes. Each class builds on the ideas from previous meetings to create a broad, practical understanding of working in public service environments that meet the needs of our communities and citizens. Grounded in hands-on activities, each meeting offers valuable takeaways focused on both immediate practical use and long term career success.

We work to ensure an immediate return for agencies in skill enhancement and engagement. ELA graduates bring new ideas and a renewed sense of commitment to their work, and this is evident to their supervisors. Once an organization or department sends one or two staff members to ELA, they generally prioritize sending additional staff to future sessions because of the results they see.

Benefits to Participants

  • Position themselves to move into positions of increasing responsibility within their organizations
  • Meet with and learn from experienced practitioners
  • Broaden their scope of understanding of elements crucial to successful careers in public service
  • Identify new ways to apply their strengths in their workplaces to increase job satisfaction while strengthening their contributions to their organizations
  • Prepare themselves to handle tomorrow's challenges with a stronger understanding of the public sector/public service environment
  • Better understand how they can positively influence organizational culture to achieve the agency's mission
  • Prepare themselves to compete for promotional opportunities and to be successful in taking on new responsibilities

Benefits to Sponsoring Agencies

  • Increased engagement of promising staff who recognize the organization's commitment to their growth
  • Employees with greater understanding of the breadth and scope of public service and how their work fits into the larger picture
  • A stronger understanding of the skills and goals of your team members and what they need from you to be effective
  • A prepared "next generation" ready to step up as baby boomers retire

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