Leading EDGE Curriculum

Strategic Value Analysis and Future Planning: High-performing governments engage in strategic analysis to define performance, processes, expectations, and guiding principles. They align resources with strategic objectives and monitor progress toward goals.

Performance Measurement and Management: High-performing governments prioritize continuous learning and improvement by establishing methodologies for performance measurement, tracking progress, identifying areas for improvement, and making values-driven decisions.

Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement: Fostering a positive organizational culture and employee engagement is crucial for high performance. This involves creating an inclusive environment that values employee development, well-being, and participative practices.

Public Service Delivery and Public Purpose Focus: High-performing governments focus on delivering high-quality services efficiently, aligned with long-term community vision and future citizen interests. They solicit community involvement and feedback for continuous improvement.

Collaboration, Working Together, and Partnerships: Collaboration within the organization and partnerships with other entities are vital for addressing complex challenges and leveraging resources effectively. Working together internally and externally is essential for higher performance.

Healthy Financial Management and Sustainability: Sound financial management practices, including budgeting, planning, revenue generation, and fiscal accountability, are crucial for government sustainability.

Innovation and Adaptability: High-performing governments embrace innovation and adaptability to respond to changing needs, technologies, and environments. They foster a culture of experimentation, creativity, and continuous improvement.

Values-Based, Ethics and Integrity: High-performing governments uphold high ethical standards, emphasizing values over rules, to build trust and credibility with the community. They promote transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all government operations.