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We will be recognizing the graduates with a slideshow.  Please put your name as you would like it to appear, and the agency you represent in the box below.  

Pronunciation Guide

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Here’s an example: Preston Rutter

  • Preston
  • Rutter: rhymes with butter

If you feel like your name needs no explanation, simply leave it blank.
Please remember, while it may seem "self explanatory" to you, but it may not be to someone else. If there's a chance someone can butcher it, they probably will.

ELA Experience

A sentence or two (roughly 25-35 words) about your ELA experience that we will add to your graduation slide. 

It could be something inspirational that was said in a class by an instructor, an exercise that you did that proved particularly meaningful, or anything else that you’d like to share with the graduation attendees about what you learned (from each other, guests, books). This will be read (along with your name and agency)


We would love for you to send us your favorite photo of you for our graduation slideshow.  It can be a formal headshot or a casual and appropriate shot.  

Please submit a photo of yourself you like that is appropriate to share with the class, supervisors, and friends and families. This can be a formal headshot or a casual photo. We prefer jpeg, pdf, or png formats.
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Help us shine a positive light on government work! It's important to us to show the public that public service professionals receive valuable leadership training, so we use a press release and social media to announce the newest class of graduates from the Emerging Leaders Academy. You may not think that this is a big deal, but it REALLY is. You can help us in this endeavor by completing the following fields.

Press Release: If you give us permission, we will include your name and agency on a press release that will go out through KU News. If you’d prefer not to be included in the press release, you must click "No" below.

Social Media: If you give us permission, we will post on Twitter and on Facebook and tag your organization while congratulating you on your graduation. If you’d prefer not to have an announcement on social media, you must click "No" below. By the way, if you’re not already following us on Twitter, we’re @KUPMC. On Facebook, you'll find us here: https://www.facebook.com/kupmc

Example: KS, Douglas, Lawrence
Providing your social media handles greatly helps our efforts, and reduces the risk that we would tag an incorrect organization.

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