Comments from Past Participants & Supervisors

What Supervisors Are Saying About Us

"We have sent 27 managers and department heads to CPM over the last 9 years. The knowledge they bring back and the projects they implement through their capstones have strengthend the performance of our entire organization."

Toby Dougherty, ICMA-CM, City Manager, City of Hays, KS

"CPM is our baseline public service management training that is consistent with our core values and highlights the leadership traits and management skills we expect are present in every management team member.... From an employer’s perspective, when I’m looking at a combination of education and experience and I see that an applicant has a CPM, it means something to me. Coupled with the right experience, I have considered it in lieu of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.” Read the full quote and blog article.

Matt Allen, City Manager, City of Garden City, KS

What Our Graduates Are Saying About Us

"I have recently stepped into the interim position of Acting City Manager. If it weren't for the lessons learned in CPM, I would not feel comfortable in this new position. Of all the professional training I've received in the past 25 years, CPM is the most valuable in terms of the information presented, the quality of instructors, and the lessons I've been able to put to use immediately.

Thanks again for all that you and the CPM do to put public officials in the best position to deal with daily management activities as well as planning for the future."

Jon Quinday, Chief of Police for Russell, serving as Acting City Manager during fall 2012, was then hired to City Manager position

"When I went through CPM [in 2010], I had been City Clerk since 1987. As we went through the course I took each lesson as an opportunity to evaluate the how and why of what we were doing in our office and discuss it with co-workers. This lead to positive changes in the way we communicate in the office as well as allowing us to make improvements in some procedures.

To be able to meet people from various walks of public service life and have discussions about what we do was a great opportunity. In our class we had Federal employees, Dept. of Corrections employees, city employees and county employees with diverse populations and assets, a county commissioner/state employee, and a medical doctor along with her office manager, so the chance to see an issue through another person's eyes was a very learning experience. Of course taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator made it hard to deny some of those personality traits we all have and may not want to acknowledge

Overall the instructors and the course have provided me with another avenue of resources that help me through the everyday work of public service, whether it be personnel issues, budget problems, or encouraging me to think out of the box for unique solutions."

Brenda Chance, City Clerk, City of Phillipsburg, Kansas & 2012-13 President of the League of Kansas Municipalities (first woman city clerk and the only clerk since 1936 to be elected to this position)

"I wanted to express my thanks to the staff at the KU Public Management Center for the outstanding training you provided to this year's CPM class. I know some people were told by their agencies they would be attending, but I was one who begged to get in. It exceeded all my expectations and the knowledge I gained about myself, my agency, and government could only have come from a program like yours. I started becoming a better manager and supervisor for my agency after my first day of CPM and will continue to grow and learn as I reflect on the information presented until the day I retire.

This class also inspired me to go back to school to complete my bachelor’s degree. I enrolled several months ago in Baker's School of Professional and Graduate Studies to complete the Business Administration program. It is a lot of work but I am already seeing the benefits. You should see me again when I apply for the Masters Program of Public Administration though KU."

Sgt. Stacy Simmons, Training Coordinator, Douglas County Sheriff's Office

"I have grown a great deal this year by being exposed to all facets of city and state government. My previous experience and education has been in the corporate world. CPM allowed me to build relationships that will help me for years to come.

I loved coming back to work after class and discussing with my administration team what I had learned or discussed that week. I want to continue to learn and be involved with training leaders to incorporate best business practices within city governments. I am going to send other members of my staff to the training. I love what I do and I would like to get involved on some committees with organizations that promote open and accountable government. I learned a great deal and am very appreciative of the training I received."

Dave Martin, City Manager, City of Fort Scott

"I rate the quality of instructors, assignments, reading materials, interactive learning environments, and relevance of the CPM program an A+. I also give the CPM program an A+ for value to me as a professional and to my agency. I am proud to be a graduate."

"The instruction we received was applied so inspirationally that it became very personal. Each class was taught with an enormous amount of conviction and enthusiasm. Every agency needs a wake-up call to freshen the staff, encourage creativity, and remind staff that they are a viable part of this big picture. Your staff showed this eloquently."

"The Kansas Certified Public Manager program was a resource rich in the nuts and bolts of management principles and practice, legislative process, civil service design and structure, and other essential organizational behavior components."

In 2009, the PMC sent e-mail notices to 600 CPM graduates; 251 responded by completing the on-line survey. The results of that survey are as follows:

  • Your expectations were met: 81% concurred to a great or very great extent
  • The investment of time and tuition was worthwhile to your agency: 75% concurred to a great or very great extent
  • The investment of time and tuition was worthwhile to you personally: 89% concurred to a great or very great extent
  • The program offered new managerial skills: 81% concurred
  • The program offered personal growth: 78% concurred
  • In ranking overall effectiveness of the CPM program: 76% ranked the program as very or extremely effective
  • Did you personally benefit from CPM? 75% reported to a great or very great extent
  • How likely would you be to recommend CPM to other public managers? 82% reported very much or extremely

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